Some exciting Chelsea FC news brewing.

For many Premier League fans, Antonio Conte’s name is a little distant from English Football relevancy. However the Italian Coach is not a newcomer to the game. As a player, he won over 5 Serie A titles and a UEFA Champion’s League over his twenty year career as a midfielder. As a manager, Conte has become one of Italy’s premier managers, winning two Serie A promotions with Bari and Siena, as well as winning three Serie A championship titles with Italian giants Juventus. Conte is currently managing the Italian national team until the end the of the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup, where he hopes for a successful Italian performance before leaving to London. So what exactly will he bring to English football come this 2016-2017 season. Take a look.

Picture of Antonio Conte in a suit standing pensively with his hand on his chin

Antonio Conte – Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters

Antonio Conte will almost certainly bring an air of Italian play to the Premiership, something Chelsea is not all that unfamiliar with considering its past with former coach Carlo Ancelotti. Contrary to Ancelotti’s 4-3-3 formation however, Chelsea will have to adapt to a more offensive 3-3-4 formation under the former Juventus star. The 3-3-4 formation, or 3-1-2-2-2 formation consists of three strong centre backs, three midfielders, and four forwards. This points to increasing emphasis on three positions: Centre Back, Center Midfielder, and Winger.


Chelsea will almost certainly need more depth in its defensive line coming into the next season. Conte relies heavily on three strong center backs to play pivotal roles in building up play. In his formation, defenders are sometimes left alone in a wide-stretched three line designed to build momentum from the back. Chelsea’s back four are looking increasingly fragile, especially with the long-time Blue John Terry’s nearing departure. Metro News reports that finding a top-class defender will certainly be Conte’s first priority as Chelsea coach.


Another question which has Chelsea fans anxious is whether or not Conte will use the traditional “regista” which made Juventus so successful during his tenure. The “regista”, or director in Italian, is a center playmaking midfielder with defensive abilities positioned in front of the team’s back line. During his time managing Juventus and the Italian national team, the regista position was filled by none other than Andrea Pirlo. Conte most likely favors playing with the regista, but will he continue playing with one in an English league that is still largely unaccustomed to the role? One can only guess.


Finally, Conte will certainly look to bring back Chelsea’s luster with its quick footed, offensive wide players. The Italian’s midfielders play wide, reaching the flank often and quickly. Players in these positions must have a great deal of technical skills and speed. Antonio Conte will look to Chelsea’s wide men to secure the team’s offensive abilities. Eden Hazard for example was suspected of leaving Chelsea because of his poor 2015-2016 season despite being voted the team’s best player two seasons in a row. However the 25 year-old winger is surely to be in Conte’s plans for the coming season according to Mirror News.


I personally am stoked to see what Conte will bring to the team. For more sports thoughts, follow me @Nick_Fainlight.