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A young professional interested in sports and fitness.

Ways to Get More Active This Fall

Ways to Get More Active This Fall

Most people agree that fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but the changing of the leaves is just one of the many things to explore. It is also a great time to get active. No matter what type of person you are, there is still plenty to do when summer is over.

Stay indoors

If it’s too rainy or cold to go outside, there are still plenty of things to do indoors. Fall cleaning is a great way to get that “fresh start” feeling while also getting exercise.  Weatherproofing your house is another smart and efficient way to burn off some calories, so check the furnaces and fireplaces for cleanliness and inspect all the caulking around your windows and doors.

Another way to combine exercise with a to-do list is to get some early holiday shopping done. You can do laps around your local mall and avoid crowds at the same time. If you have an activity tracker, you can set a step goal to keep yourself motivated.

One of the best reasons to stay indoors during the fall is “must see TV”. Most TV shows start their regular seasons around September, so it’s a perfect opportunity to work out and watch great entertainment at the same time. Instead of being a couch potato, force yourself to do something active while watching your shows. Try stretching, doing aerobics, lifting weights or even practicing yoga.

Get outside

If the weather is accommodating, you should absolutely take advantage of it. Find a foliage guide and take a long walk or road trip. Climb into a comfy sweater and head to a local nature preserve. You could also play tourist for a day and take out your bike or map out a walking tour of your city. For those people fortunate enough to live near an orchard, be sure to explore their apple and pumpkin picking, as well as hay rides and cider tastings. Orchards also carry lots of seasonal produce, which is a huge benefit for your health.

Fall is also a big festival season. Many places host carnivals and fairs throughout autumn. Explore a local area events calendar to see what’s happening near you. In addition to all the rides and games and food vendors, you’ll often see local crafts and abundant fresh produce. From petting zoos to corn mazes, there is fun for the whole family.

Geocaching is another fun outdoor activity. This game uses a GPS-enabled app on your phone to send you on a real-world treasure hunt. After navigating to a specific set of coordinates, you then try to find the geocache (a box, container or item).

Sometimes just getting together with friends can be rejuvenating, such as a friendly game of touch football or soccer. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can sign up for a local 5K. Aside from the cooler weather, you’ll also have gorgeous views. Go to a search database to find upcoming races. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, even in cooler weather. If you do plan on sweating, make sure you wear breathable fabric.

Go travel

Book a last-minute holiday. Most people aren’t even aware of the amazing travel deals they can get during the autumn months. US News recently ranked the top 20 fall destinations, and there are plenty of exciting places on the list to explore.

5 Benefits of a Gym Membership

5 Benefits of a Gym Membership

Many people believe that paying for a gym membership is a waste of money. They feel that they can get as good a workout at home, especially if they’ve purchased their own equipment. While some gyms are certainly overpriced, there are many that are easily affordable and offer a wide-range of benefits you won’t get from simply working out at home. If you’re unconvinced, here are some of the benefits of becoming a member of an organized gym.

Free classes

While not all gyms offer this benefit, there are plenty that do. A gym membership that includes access to a variety of classes offers new options for working out and a way to keep fitness exciting. Many people have memberships to yoga studios or other places that offer one type of exercise. However, if you can find a gym that offers these class types along with a full gym, you’ll receive multiple benefits in one location and for one cost.

Various types of equipment

In addition to a variety of classes, you’ll also receive access to various types of equipment with your membership. It would take an immense amount of space and money to replicate in your own home the type of options an organized gym offers its members. You have many cardio and weight machines to choose from, as well as free weights. You also have access to other facilities at many gyms, such as a pool, basketball court, or track.

Workout buddies

One of the most motivating steps you can take to keep yourself regularly working out is finding people to head to the gym with you. Having other people hold you accountable on days you don’t want to work out is important. By becoming a member of a gym, you’ll have a place to go with your workout buddies and even be able to meet new people to workout with there.

Positive environment

A gym is generally a very positive environment for those working on their fitness. Regardless of the reason you’re going to the gym, you’re surrounded by people who are also there working on improving their fitness in some way. There are often motivational phrases and useful information around gyms, which can push you to meet new goals. If there are times you lose motivation or feel as though you’re plateauing, the positive environment of a gym helps you keep going.

Save money

You might not immediately think it, but becoming a member of a gym can save you money. If you’re considering creating a workout space in your home, it’ll often end up being more expensive than a monthly gym membership, especially since there are so many low-cost options. Fitness equipment is expensive, whereas you can have access to top-tier equipment for much less by becoming a member of a gym.

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching the World Cup

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching the World Cup

Even though the United States isn’t in the World Cup this year, there are still plenty of reasons to tune in. You might not have been watching the last couple of weeks, but you still have until July 15th to check out the games. The great aspect of the World Cup is starting to watch halfway through doesn’t mean you’ll need to catch up; you can just check team standings before you begin watching. Even if you’re not a huge soccer fan, you’ll still find the games enjoyable and can pick a team to root for. Here are some of the top reasons to tune into the World Cup this year.

Feel the thrill of victory

Even if the United States isn’t playing, choose another team to support. Regardless of the team, you’ll feel a thrill as you celebrate their victories with them and become invested in how that team plays. Simply rooting on a random team can be great fun.

Learn about another country

Once you choose what team to support, do some research on the country that team represents, who the players are, and what the predictions for them are this year. You might learn something you didn’t know before and will feel a genuine connection as you watch people from that country work toward victory.

Politics play a role

Many people view the World Cup as simply a sports match, but it’s more than that. Countries from all over the world are competing against each other. Each country has vastly different governments and cultures; it’s inevitable that politics play a role in how others respond to specific wins and losses. A great example of how politics play into the response to the World Cup is to take a look at some of the headlines that cropped up after Germany’s loss to South Korea.

Learn about great athletes

If you’re unfamiliar with soccer and the great athletes involved in the professional soccer world, the World Cup is your opportunity to learn more about them. Two of the best players to watch are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if you aren’t a big fan of soccer, you’ll be able to appreciate the incredible skill of these two men as they play the sport. They’re two of the best athletes in the world right now, so take time to watch them play.

Know what other people are talking about

Finally, a great reason to watch the World Cup is simply because you know a lot of people around you will be watching it too. If you’re even remotely interested in it, you can make plans with your friends or coworkers to watch games and spend some quality time together!

About Nicholas Fainlight

image of nicholas fainlight and brother on a baseball fiield

A young Nicholas Fainlight with his brother, Ben


Nicholas Fainlight has played a number of sports throughout his life, such as football, basketball, baseball and water polo. He has always enjoyed being active, but swimming is his biggest passion.

Swimming was not always his favorite sport. In fact, he started off with baseball. When he was young, he would always stay in the batting cages working to tweak his technique.He believes that baseball is a great way to focus yourself. Playing baseball and working on tuning his technique was extremely important to Fainlight. It allowed him to control his mind and keep it in tune with his body.


image of nicholas fainlight posing with the loomis chaffee basebal team

Nicholas with the Loomis Chaffee Baseball Team.

It was this precision and fine-tuning that allowed Nicholas Fainlight to fall in love with swimming as well. He got involved with swimming when he was a freshman in high school. He had been playing football, but had grown tired of it and wanted to change things up. His advisor suggested that he try out water polo since he had good arms from playing baseball. Fainlight took up the sport and it immediately clicked. Once the water polo season ended, he noticed that most of the water polo team stayed in the water by participating in the swim team during swim season. He figured he’d join in and do swimming as well. He did not yet know how important swimming would be to him.

The swim team was a close-knit group of guys that were like a family. They all worked hard and supported each other, pushing each other to succeed. Fainlight realized what a beautiful sport swimming is and it got him through high school.

Nicholas Fainlight loves everything about swimming. He loves how smooth and fluid it is. Just like baseball, swimming allows you to keep your body and mind in sync with one another. Swimming is a personal sport but a team sport at the same time. Fainlight loves being in the water and thinking about how to be as streamlined as possible. The smallest technical things can make or break a swimmer, and he is fascinated by this. Swimming is a sport that pushes you to work harder to be faster than the person next to you. Fainlight likes to use this drive to get better throughout all aspects of his life.

Image of Nicholas Fainlight posing with the Loomis Chaffee Baseball Team

Nicholas with the Loomis Chaffee Swim Team

Sports are very important to one’s development, as Nicholas Fainlight learned in a class about associating, leading, and serving. In this class, he learned that athletics allows a kid to learn at an early age whether he or she is a leading personality or an aiding personality. Sports allow kids to build camaraderie at a young age and also build respect for adults. When a young person joins a sports team, he or she is given people to look up to and a team to go to for support. Athletic kids can also learn that there is not one way to do things right.

Nicholas Fainlight believes that the most important thing to get out of athletics is confidence. As a young child, he was quiet and shy, but he was able to relax once he got into baseball. From then on, he enjoyed sports as a way to stay active and to be around people. He remains passionate about swimming and also golf as a hobby.