Because swimming is an exercise that involves the full-body, the stretches that should be performed before getting into the water involve diverse muscles. Remember that some people use the same stretches by different names, and pay attention to how stretches are performed more than to what they are called when warming up with new people. The following are three key stretches for a complete start to a key swimming warm-up.

Arm Swings

Get your body warmed up by adding arm swings to a routine of stretching. While other stretches are held in a static fashion, this warmup is a series of motions that are repeated. This one helps to open up the chest while loosening up the arms. To perform arm swings, first, stand straight. Begin with the arms held outward to the sides. Bring them inward, crossing them before the front. Then quickly pull the arms back apart, going as far as they will go. Continue these motions for a complete minute. Repeat the move at least three times to get the best out of arm swings.

Tricep Extension

This move, as the name suggests, stretches out the triceps. It is also helpful for warming up the surrounding muscles, including the shoulders and lats. This muscle group is used with every stroke taken in the water. For the performance of a tricep extension, take one arm, bending it behind the back. Place the other arm’s hand on the elbow of the first. Pull down upon the elbow so the tricep stretches. Hold this position for ten seconds, then switch arms. Six times or more is the target number of repetitions for this stretch.

Quad Pull

Add a quad pull into the swimming warm-up so you can gain a leg up when it comes to the competition. A strong swimming performance relies on a strong kick and this move is helpful for getting your legs ready to see action. To complete a quad pull, stand up straight to begin and then bend one knee. Grab the foot that is raised by the bending of the leg with the hands. Hold that foot so it is parallel with the back. Maintain this stretch for ten seconds before switching sides.
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