The upcoming holiday season is a time when people often display a tendency to let their guards down and enjoy themselves a bit more than normal In some cases, this laxity spreads to personal exercise and workout regiments. That said, fitness and health experts suggest that remaining physically active during this festive period is a good idea for several reasons including:

Stress Alleviation

Though meant to be enjoyable, the holiday season can elicit a significant degree of stress in many people. Issues like completing holiday shopping, preventing finances from spiraling out of control, meeting many time obligations and spending time with contentious family members could precipitate the onset of anxiety. Chronic tension can lead to sleep loss and a weakened immune system that could eventually result in illness. Physical activity offers a productive outlet for such stressors.

Weight Gain Prevention

The holidays are a time when people frequently gather. Many individuals attend professional, family and friend-sponsored affairs. One thing common to most, if not all of these events is a plethora of food. Therefore, it goes without saying that attendance at these events could ultimately lead to significant weight gain. Packing on the holiday pounds could be ebbed by partaking in regular exercise.

Improved Cognitive Function

The holiday period often places significant demands on a person’s time and energy. Coping with such constraints might impact their cognitive functions. Those who exercise often enjoy a clearer head and experience less cognitive disturbances like memory loss or concentration difficulties than individuals who do not.

Decreased Incidents Of Depression

The holidays may not be a joyous time for everyone. People who have lost loved ones, are experiencing a divorce or are struggling financially might experience a great deal of emotional strain. Chronic episodes of emotional hardship could precipitate mental struggles like anxiety and depression. Exercise is known for the systemic release of chemicals known as endorphins. These substances are noted for their ability to improve one’s mood and induce a feeling of increased well-being.

Early New Year’s Resolution

The desire to engage in greater levels of physical activity is a common New year’s resolution. Those who start exercising during the holidays are more likely to continue such action during the upcoming year.

Even with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, hopefully, you will be able to set some to aside to spend working on your physical fitness.