Today, most people believe that someone can increase muscle size by using a certain supplement or only following a specific exercise routine used by their favorite bodybuilding champion.

However, there are many more myths about the best way to gain muscle and this article will debunk those myths by revealing what trainers believe based on evidence-based science what it takes to stimulate muscle growth.

Anyone can build muscle mass, but it comes down to how much a person can sustain the demands of training. The more physical stress a bodybuilder experiences during a workout, the more muscle damage they will experience. When muscles recover, they become stronger and larger than before.

Common Muscle Building Myths

Here are some of the most common misconceptions people have about building muscle and the truth about what works.

* It’s a myth that cardio does not build muscle because the truth is that it not only burns calories that help weight loss but also builds muscle.

* It’s a myth that someone needs to consume protein within half an hour after a workout because the truth is that timing doesn’t matter but consistently consuming enough protein does.

* It’s a myth that all someone needs to do to build muscle is to exercise regularly because the truth is that diet also plays a significant role in building muscle.

* It’s a myth that all someone needs to do to build muscle is lift as much weight as they can in every set because the truth is that overall training volume is what counts rather than maxing out every set.

* It’s a myth that daily exercise is necessary to build muscle because the truth is that sufficient rest between workouts is also necessary for muscles to recuperate and grow.


Muscle-building myths are everywhere. They flood the internet, magazines, and talk-radio, and TV interview shows. From the claims of “muscle-building foods,” to “7-minute workouts” and “21-minute workouts,” people can find myths everywhere online.

Although bodybuilding is a sport that has been around for a long time, the demands of social media and an increasing number of bodybuilding competitions have led to many misconceptions about how the human body builds muscle.

Instead of following popular myths, it’s better to follow expert advice from trainers. Good trainers give clients step-by-step muscle-building workout instructions and can offer advice that is ideal for a beginner or an advanced bodybuilder.