There is no doubt that these are unusual times we are living in. Each day there are different reports about staying healthy while avoiding contact with other people. Humans are incredibly adaptable so it is no surprise there are a number of online movements that have surfaced in an effort to help keep our fellow global citizens sane and healthy. 

This is a fortunate time to have social media. Because of the social distancing enforced around the world, there are many people who are struggling. Not only with isolation and anxiety but also with the loss of “me time” that comes with going to the gym or a club activity. Virtual clubs are really starting to take off, providing people with a connection that is sorely being missed right now. Many trainers are providing homework sheets for people to do at home to mimic a day of exercise at their local gym.

Celebrities are even getting in on the action. In an effort to help parents who have small children to entertain 24/7, some celebrities are having live read-along sessions with classic books. Others are offering live, at-home workout routines to help people feel less alone. 

There are also wonderful virtual field trips that parents can use in order to keep their children educated and their minds bright. Museums and zoos are examples of places that can be explored, among others. 

For those who have delayed binge-watching all of the highly-acclaimed shows and movies that are available through streaming services, now is a great time for either family movie night or some self-care through tv show catch-up. Online games are also a great way to keep everyone’s mind engaged and alert. 

Many people have unearthed puzzles from bookshelves and basements, which is a great long-term project that anyone can enjoy. Puzzles are a comforting invitation to sit for a while, and then go on to another activity if one chooses to do so.

Some neighborhoods are finding ways of staying united even with social distancing. People have been seen online working out together from their balconies and singing in unison, even playing instruments to help increase their fellow countrymen’s morale.