Nicholas Fainlight- How to Stay Fit When You Work a Desk Job


Consider your commute

If you have the ability to walk or bike to work, do it! It can be a great way to wake up, especially on nice days, and both your body and the environment will thank you. If your workplace is too far, try to just add a little bit of walking to your commute. Park further from the building, or, if you take public transportation, walk to a station that is a few blocks further away from your home.


Move around the office

Take breaks every once in awhile and walk around the office. Go seek out a colleague you need to talk to, or take a walk to the copier. Even if you don’t have anything to do that requires getting out of your seat, a five minute walk every half hour or so can really improve your concentration and productivity, as well as your health.


Have a healthy lunch hour

Pack something healthy. It’ll save you the money you’d spend eating out, and it will likely be better for you than anything you would get at a restaurant. Packing your lunch will also give you time to run to the gym for a half hour, if there is one in your area. If not, or if gyms really aren’t your thing, take a quick walk around the neighborhood.


Be healthy in your chair

Watch your posture. Slumping at your desk can be bad for your back. Also, there are many exercises you can do at your desk. Stretch your neck, roll your ankles and shoulders, contract your abdomen and glutes, and do seated leg lifts at your desk. Stretch your wrists and fingers frequently and properly to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. If you can get out of your chair, even consider doing squats by your desk.


Snack right

Stay away from the vending machine. Bring healthy snacks to eat at your desk, such as fruit, nuts, or baby carrots. You can keep these things at your desk, and in the case of things like nuts, even leave them in your desk long-term.



Keep a water bottle or glass by your desk and refill it frequently. Drinking water keeps you full and less likely to crave sweets. Plus, it helps you stay awake and well hydrated, all day. And walking to the water cooler is a great excuse to get up from your desk and take a short walk around the office.