Summer, just like its converse season, winter, is an easy time to lose track of your fitness goals. If you go on vacations, you will most likely be eating out where it’s harder to eat healthy, and on sweltering hot days, you may find it harder to get yourself to the gym or run outside. If you’re working on that summer tan, you may opt to skip the sunscreen. Summer can also be an excellent time to crack down on fitness and prioritize your health if you are aware of how to do so.

As easy as it is to slack off on your fitness goals in the summer, summer also presents many opportunities to practice good health. By following these simple tips, you can have your healthiest summer yet!

Exercise Outside

No gym? No problem! You don’t necessarily have to hit up the gym to stay fit in the summer, as there are so many ways you can be active outside. Take advantage of nice, mild days with outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, rafting, or swimming- the possibilities are practically limitless. Plus, you’ll probably have a lot more fun with these activities than you would at the gym!

Wear Sunscreen

No matter what you may think, it is always a good idea to wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days. For the best skin protection, you should use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and avoid direct sun exposure, if possible, between the peak hours of 10am and 4pm. If you can’t avoid being in the sun at that time, slather up and remember to reapply every two to three hours.

Eat local

It can be difficult to stick to your diet in the summer when you’re met with pressure to go out with friends or eat out on vacation, and tempting treats like ice cream. Summer is one of the best times to eat healthy, however, if you make the effort. Check out your local farmer’s market for produce that’s fresher and healthier than anything you’ll find in the grocery store. Not only will you be met with a plethora of healthy options, but you will also enjoy walking around being outside, and there are so many summer recipes you can make incorporating fresh produce.

Fire up the grill

Few things are more fun than a summer barbeque with family and friends. Putting your backyard grill to use is also healthy! Grilled veggies have a lot more flavor and nutrients than boiled or baked ones, and it’s a great way to take advantage of what’s in season.

Make time for vacation

Summer is the most popular time for people to get away for a little r&r. Be sure to put your vacation days to use this summer, not only to have a good time but also for your health. According to WebMD, vacations have multiple health benefits, contributing to lower blood, pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones.

Stay hydrated

Daily water intake is an important consideration for any time of year, but it is especially important that you stay hydrated on hot days to avoid heat exhaustion or dehydration. The average adult should drink between eight and nine glasses of water a day. If you get tired of drinking water, you could always infuse it with fruit to add more flavor.