As fall rolls around, school starts back up and brings the sports season with it. On top of the NHL, NBA, and NFL starting new seasons, college sports start up again as well. While pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and full bellies are enough to keep the fall interesting; here are three sports events to get you excited about fall!

2K Classic

It was recently estimated that a staggering 22 million Americans watched the Men’s Final Four Championship matchup between the University of Louisville and the University of Michigan. As that number continues to rise, the prospects of going to a basketball game become that much more exciting. The 2K Classic will commence the season as the first tournament of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball. If you are unfamiliar, the 2K Classic is an annual ESPN televised college basketball tournament in which the proceeds go to help the Wounded Warrior Project. In its current format, eight teams from separate conferences are invited to compete. Four regional sites, chosen before the tournament, hold two games each. The winning teams go on to play the semifinals and finals at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Last fall two teams had the opportunity to make history; all they had to do was beat the odds, and the other 28 teams, to face each other in the NBA Finals. Throughout the course of 82 games, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors did just that. Dating back to the origination of the NBA, there have never been two teams to compete against each other for three consecutive Championships in a row.  Fast forward the off-season and the Cavaliers and Warriors have the chance to do it again. Although the odds of them competing are favorable according to most Las Vegas betting websites, the feat has yet to be accomplished and would put those two teams in the most exclusive of clubs in NBA history. So buckle up because this fall is bringing suspense like never before!

Heisman Watch
As the autumn breeze brings cooler temperatures, there are a few college football players ready to heat it up on the gridiron. While there are many hopeful contenders aiming for the trophy, there are a few athletes who stand out among the rest. Lamar Jackson, quarterback for Louisville, Saqon Barkley, running back for Penn State, and Baker Mayfield, quarterback for Oklahoma, are prime candidates to keep your eyes on this fall. Jackson has a solid understanding of what it takes, as he received the 2016 Heisman. In the last ten years, there have only been two players to earn the award that were non-quarterbacks. Inherently, this puts extra pressure on Penn State’s running back. Regardless of who takes it home, this season is sure to be entertaining.