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Nicholas Fainlight- Five Superb Sports Memoirs

Five Superb Sports Memoirs

  Many celebrities are multitalented individuals. In addition to being great singers, actors, athletes, comedians, etc. there have been a lot of celebrities who’ve put out some pretty great autobiographies as well. Admittedly, some may have ghost writers helping them with the writing, but even if that’s the case, at least some of what makes the page comes from their… Read more →

Christian Pulisic: The Michael Phelps of Soccer?

Christian Pulisic is an American (henceforth called football) professional soccer player. He plays for Borussia Dortmund, a German football team. This is highly unusual. While it’s not uncommon for European football teams to have players from all over the world, it is uncommon for an American football player to be among them. When it comes to men’s football, America has a… Read more →

3 Aweseome Sports Unique to the Paralympics - Nicholas Fainlight

3 Aweseome Sports Unique to the Paralympics

The Olympics may be over, but the Paralympics are still going strong over in Brazil. Even though the US isn’t doing as well in the Paralympics as they did in the regular Olympics (I’m sure a lack of Phelps isn’t helping), it’s still worth your time to check out what these awesome athletes are up to. The Paralympics grew out of a… Read more →