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Olympics Gives to Kids - Title Image - Nicholas Fainlight

How the Olympic International Committee Gives Kids a Chance

There are a number of stories out there of exceptionally talented and strong-willed kids who dreamed of greatness and were able to achieve it because of the support of others. I’m talking about the untold story of the Maui Sugar Ditch Kids, Disney’s most recent film Queen of Katwe, and even Friday Night Lights.  Behind any great athlete, there is… Read more →

3 Aweseome Sports Unique to the Paralympics - Nicholas Fainlight

3 Aweseome Sports Unique to the Paralympics

The Olympics may be over, but the Paralympics are still going strong over in Brazil. Even though the US isn’t doing as well in the Paralympics as they did in the regular Olympics (I’m sure a lack of Phelps isn’t helping), it’s still worth your time to check out what these awesome athletes are up to. The Paralympics grew out of a… Read more →

The Six Biggest Gold Medal Years for the US Olympics Swimming Team

Team USA is off to a great start at the Rio Games. On the women’s team, Katie Ledecky managed a record-breaking time in the 400-meter freestyle final, netting her the gold, and Leah Smith came in third, earning a bronze. Meanwhile on the men’s team, Adam Peaty took the gold in the 100-meter breaststroke, while Cody Miller netted the bronze… Read more →

Nicholas Fainlight - 3 Ways to Capitalize on Fitness Opportunities in College While You Still Can

3 Ways to Capitalize on Fitness Opportunities in College While You Still Can

If you’re a student like myself, you are extremely lucky. Not only do you have access to amazing higher education opportunities, but you also have access to out of this world fitness facilities, equipment and classes. If you find yourself stalling or not getting the amount of activity you want (and trust me, you’re not alone in either of those),… Read more →