No matter where you are in your fitness journey, whether you’re just trying to get in shape or have been working out for years, you can seriously benefit from fitness blogs. You can find new ideas for workouts or some guidance on something you don’t know much about. There are plenty of fitness bloggers out there who are experts in the industry and can offer quality advice. You can learn about new products and techniques and often connect with a community of people who share the same questions and interests you do. Here are some great fitness bloggers to take a look at.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is created by a group of personal trainers and fitness experts who bring you the most recent news in the fitness world while also debating and offering their own opinions. You can get a wide range of information on this blog from various sources. This blog is a great resource for fitness and nutritional advice.

Tabata Times

If you’re into CrossFit, this blog is for you. Tabata Times focuses on offering tips and tricks for anything CrossFit related. You can check out the latest workouts and inspiration and easily find it on one blog.


This blog aims to help people have fun while working out and strives to make fitness interesting. No matter what you like, it’s definitely a site worth checking out and often features inspiring stories of people who have succeeded in their fitness journeys. The blog focuses on all aspects of lifestyle as well, anything that can help you lead a healthier life, even if you’d never given it a thought before.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson shows that he clearly knows what he’s talking about in this blog, which he should, since he’s a former endurance champion. He’s also currently a best-selling author on fitness. In this blog, he discusses fitness realistically and bases his posts on scientifically-backed ideas.

Pavement Runner

Focused on runners, this blog is written by someone who’s run over 40 marathons and sincerely knows what he’s talking about. However, do not be intimidated if you’re a beginning runner, there are still valuable resources for you to check out.

Roman Fitness Systems

The editor-in-chief of this site, John Romaniello, offers quality advice on fitness, diet, and even other topics like career success. His writing is engaging and gets past any fluff, making it a great resource if you’re looking for quick, straightforward information.

Tony Gentilcore

Located in Boston, Tony Gentilcore is a personal trainer who’s worked with people from all walks of life. His posts are encouraging and offer quality advice on how to better train and target your fitness and strive toward overall well-being in the rest of your life as well.