Now that spring is fast approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend more time outside and get active! If you’ve been working out this winter, you might be tired of staying inside and seeing the same facilities day in and day out. If your workout routine feels stale, it’s the perfect time to get outside and do some new activities. You could simply take your workout outside and start running, which is great if you enjoy that, but many people want to add variation to what they’re doing. Here are some ways you, and your friends and family, can be active outside throughout the spring.


One of the best ways to be active outside is through hiking. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of this fantastic hobby. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to find hiking trails relatively nearby. You can hike a rigorous or easy course and often see beautiful natural sites. In spring, it’s not too hot, but you’ll be able to see nature blooming. Hiking is perfect for groups and families as well and is free. You can make an entire day or weekend out of your trip or simply go for a few hours.


Gardening is another option for spending time outside. It might not seem like you’re moving a lot, but gardening is a fairly active hobby. You’re bending and moving around while working with plants. Even if you don’t enjoy gardening yourself, find a neighbor or family member who needs their garden weeded or could use extra help. You’ll help someone else out and get time outside yourself. It’s also never too late to pick up gardening yourself.


Lots of people enjoy playing disc golf or just casually throwing a frisbee around. You can have a laid back game or one that’s more intense, but it doesn’t require much skill on anyone’s part. Plenty of parks have disc golf courses or you could just find a field with some of your friends. Even if you’ve never played before, disc golf has few rules or you can organize an informal game of ultimate frisbee.


Tennis is a great activity for the spring because there are courts in virtually any park and you only need one other person. If you have the supplies or know someone who does, spend an afternoon playing tennis and brushing up on your technique. It’s also something you can do throughout your life.


You can organize a fundraising event yourself for an organization you care about or find a local run/walk. Spring is a season where many philanthropies begin organizing 5k runs to raise money for their individual causes. These 5ks often have the option to walk them, so you do not have to enjoy running to participate. You’ll help out other people and also get active outside if you participate in one of these fundraising events!