Let’s admit it, we all need a little help staying on schedule when it comes to doing things we don’t particularly want to do. For most of us, this includes exercising and staying fit. We like the idea of a healthier self in theory, but actually putting in the work to make that happen is a whole different story. It can be difficult to deprive yourself of things you enjoy, even if they aren’t healthy. And getting into a regular exercise routine is always challenging. The following apps can help any person who is having struggles reaching their personal fitness goals.

Map My Fitness

Map-lovers rejoice! There is an app that allows you to see where you have been on that morning jog you have been meaning to do. A great app called Map My Fitness allows users to see just where they have been on their journey to better health. Turn on the app and just go for your regularly scheduled run, jog, or walk. It will track where you have gone via GPS and show you a map of that travel. It also logs the distance, duration, and pace at which you took that journey.

All Day

A sponsored app that can help keep you healthy is the All Day app from Adidas. This app does not do just one specific thing related to your health. Rather, it tries to encourage you to make healthy life choices in every stage of your day. This means that it helps you track the exercise you do as well as your hydration levels and even mental health. Gentle encouragements to do things like meditation are great for those with a busy and stressful life who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.


If you are wanting to bulk up and work on building muscle, there is no better app than Jefit. It is what many bodybuilders use to track their progress. It has thousands of training exercises pre-loaded onto it, so you can check out the different ways that you should work out for the sake of building up different types of muscles. It may just be the case that you are doing the wrong workout for the area of your body that you seek to improve. If that is the issue, you will realize it very soon when you start to use this very useful app.

Yoga Studio

Yoga can be a helpful companion in the quest to become a healthier person. It is something best done in a class with others for proper instruction. However, an application may be used as a substitute for those with limited time or resources. The Yoga Studio app provides numerous lessons for those who are just entering the world of yoga as well as for those who are seasoned experts. It is a must have for your phone if you are serious about personal health.