Too many people wait for the new year to arrive before they tackle their health and fitness goals. The fact is, the best time to start working towards your goals is always now (whenever that is)! 

Plus, if you start a new routine in the fall, rather than in the new year, you will experience some fantastic benefits. Here are some reasons why fall is the perfect time to work towards your health and fitness goals. 

The weather is perfect for outdoor activities

While exercising outdoors in the summer heat is often challenging and uncomfortable, autumn provides the perfect weather for outdoor exercise. In most places, the air starts to get a bit crisp in the fall, which is ideal for running, cycling, or an outdoor fitness class. Also, the declining temperatures throughout the season will prepare you for winter if you choose to continue your outdoors routine.

You will feel better for the holidays

If you get started on your health and fitness goals at the beginning of fall, you will be seeing results by the time the holidays roll around. For example, if one of your goals is weight loss, you should have shed a few pounds by Christmas. That means that you’ll feel more comfortable and confident as you enjoy time with friends and family. Plus, getting started now will guarantee that you also have more energy and overall feel better!

You will get strong habits in place 

The holiday season is notorious for holiday parties filled with sweet treats. As a result, most people put on some weight over the holidays. The worst part is that it takes most people five months to lose the excess weight gained from their Christmas indulgences. If you start working on your health goals in the fall, you will have strong habits in place, and you will be less likely to put on weight over the holiday season. Of course, you can enjoy some treats, but if you maintain your exercise routine and eat healthy foods most of the time, the treats won’t affect you nearly as much.

You get a headstart on the new year

Even if the winter holidays throw you off track, the new year provides a new opportunity to recommit to your goals and healthy habits. If you maintain your routines through the end of the year, the new year is your chance to level up. You could try a new, more difficult workout or tighten up your nutrition even more. Or perhaps you’d like to commit to a new fitness challenge like a marathon or IronMan race.

You have four great reasons to start working towards your health and fitness goals now, so why not get started today?