Most people agree that fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but the changing of the leaves is just one of the many things to explore. It is also a great time to get active. No matter what type of person you are, there is still plenty to do when summer is over.

Stay indoors

If it’s too rainy or cold to go outside, there are still plenty of things to do indoors. Fall cleaning is a great way to get that “fresh start” feeling while also getting exercise.  Weatherproofing your house is another smart and efficient way to burn off some calories, so check the furnaces and fireplaces for cleanliness and inspect all the caulking around your windows and doors.

Another way to combine exercise with a to-do list is to get some early holiday shopping done. You can do laps around your local mall and avoid crowds at the same time. If you have an activity tracker, you can set a step goal to keep yourself motivated.

One of the best reasons to stay indoors during the fall is “must see TV”. Most TV shows start their regular seasons around September, so it’s a perfect opportunity to work out and watch great entertainment at the same time. Instead of being a couch potato, force yourself to do something active while watching your shows. Try stretching, doing aerobics, lifting weights or even practicing yoga.

Get outside

If the weather is accommodating, you should absolutely take advantage of it. Find a foliage guide and take a long walk or road trip. Climb into a comfy sweater and head to a local nature preserve. You could also play tourist for a day and take out your bike or map out a walking tour of your city. For those people fortunate enough to live near an orchard, be sure to explore their apple and pumpkin picking, as well as hay rides and cider tastings. Orchards also carry lots of seasonal produce, which is a huge benefit for your health.

Fall is also a big festival season. Many places host carnivals and fairs throughout autumn. Explore a local area events calendar to see what’s happening near you. In addition to all the rides and games and food vendors, you’ll often see local crafts and abundant fresh produce. From petting zoos to corn mazes, there is fun for the whole family.

Geocaching is another fun outdoor activity. This game uses a GPS-enabled app on your phone to send you on a real-world treasure hunt. After navigating to a specific set of coordinates, you then try to find the geocache (a box, container or item).

Sometimes just getting together with friends can be rejuvenating, such as a friendly game of touch football or soccer. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can sign up for a local 5K. Aside from the cooler weather, you’ll also have gorgeous views. Go to a search database to find upcoming races. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, even in cooler weather. If you do plan on sweating, make sure you wear breathable fabric.

Go travel

Book a last-minute holiday. Most people aren’t even aware of the amazing travel deals they can get during the autumn months. US News recently ranked the top 20 fall destinations, and there are plenty of exciting places on the list to explore.