If your gym is sweltering hot and you do not even have the desire to exercise at home, you may be considering skipping your work out altogether. However, in order to stay on track and meet your fitness goals, it is so important that you continue to exercise no matter the weather.

So, rather than enduring the heat and humidity, try incorporating some water-based workouts into your routine — that way, you can continue to burn calories and fat rather than yourself.

Stand-up paddleboard yoga

You do not have to be a yoga expert in order to perform stand-up paddleboard yoga (SUP yoga). Plus, if you cannot find any SUP yoga classes nearby, the activity is easy to do on your own — all you need is a paddleboard, a large body of water, and a friend to guide and keep an eye on you.

SUP yoga is an excellent way to test and improve your balance and core strength. If combined with intervals of sculpting exercises such as paddling, you will be sure to get a full-body workout on the water.

Water aerobics

This method is an excellent way to stay cool and burn fat simultaneously. Search for classes in your area that incorporate Zumba dance moves, intense aerobic exercises (i.e., “running” in place, jumping jacks, etc.), and pool props and toys. This will ensure you get the most out of your workout and have a little bit of fun while doing it.


If you do not want to splurge on water aerobics classes, you can easily recreate certain exercises at your local pool. Bicycles are an effective exercise, as you will need to employ the help of your arms, shoulders, legs, and abdominals to remain afloat. Simply rest your arms against the edge of the pool or on a pool noodle, engage your core, then start moving your legs. Repeat this exercise in 20-30 second intervals in order to get the full effect.


Once you are finished with your final round of bicycles, you can easily transition to your next exercise: pool noodle crunches. Simply float horizontally on the water, with a pool noodle along your back and legs to aid you in remaining afloat. From there, raise your hips toward the ceiling and being doing abdominal crunches just as you would on dry land. When you are ready, remove the pool noodle to ramp up the intensity and get more out of your workout — all without straining your back.