When you were a kid, there were plenty of outdoor games to play with your friends that kept you outside and your mom off your back: hide-and-seek, tag, hopscotch, cops and robbers, simon says…the possibilities were practically limitless and a summer day spent in the sun seemed to last forever. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean the fun needs to end! Try out one of these four outdoor games with your friends when you need a break from the gym, and you are sure to have a blast this summer, while also staying fit and active.

Bocce ball

Admittedly, if you purchase a bocce ball set, it won’t look like much until you actually get out there and start playing it. Then, you’ll realize how fun and addictive it is! It will definitely bring out your competitive spirit. The game, originating from ancient games played in the Roman Empire, includes a white ball (the pallino) and colored balls (bocce balls). Someone throws the pallino and the objective is to throw your balls as close to where the pallino landed as possible. The game continues until 12 points are scored and can be played in teams or amongst individuals.


Summer is a great time to hit the golf course, and you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy some friendly competition with your friends. If you’re a novice, try some practice swings at a driving range or putting green before testing your skills on the course.

Frisbee (Kan Jam)

Okay, this is nothing innovative. You’ve probably already played frisbee before, in your yard or on the beach. But you can kick your frisbee game up a notch this summer with the insanely addictive Kan Jam game, which involves throwing frisbees and hitting them into trash cans to score points. Sounds pretty simple, but try it out with your friends and you’ll realize that it’s harder than it looks and can lead to hours of fun.


Cornhole is another one of those games that looks simple but isn’t. If you play it long enough, your arms will certainly get a workout, and you will also realize how frustrating it is to aim a little bean bag into a hole on a wooden board. That’s literally the only objective of the game, but it can quickly turn competitive and there is a complex points system to cover bean bags that land on the bag but don’t make it through the hole, and those that are knocked off. This is a game that’s easy to assemble in the backyard- perfect for summer barbecues or pool parties!