With the rise of COVID-19, many people are beginning to switch their exercise routines to at-home workouts. Having the right tools can ensure each workout is challenging. The top tools are often inexpensive and do not require a lot of space in the home. Adding bands to your home workout can ensure you take your exercise routine to the next level. Here are the top reasons you should add exercise bands to your home workout.

They Are Multifunctional

Most exercise bands come with a variety of levels to provide a range of resistance. This can help you improve your bodyweight exercises or even allow you to continue your physical therapy sessions. Most resistance band packages have suggestions but it is important to work with a personal trainer prior to using them in your workout. This will ensure you avoid injury by practicing the correct form.


The resistance bands can also come with handles to help you workout key muscles while performing more traditional bodyweight exercises like lunges or squats. They are compact, allowing you to pack them in a small space or an overnight bag if you are traveling.

Customized Workout

Exercise bands are perfect for all fitness levels because they come with a variety of resistance levels. You will be able to feel the burn regardless of how athletic you are. Beginners will be able to focus on their form while learning the proper technique and advanced athletes will be able to increase the tension in their workout.

They Are Inexpensive

Most people are trying to watch how much they are spending right now due to the pandemic. Adding resistance bands is a great way to improve your workout while also keeping your cash in your wallet. Resistance bands are a way to improve your routine without spending hundreds of dollars. They are typically less than $30.

Bust through the Plateau

Those who feel they are in a plateau for fitness or weight loss should consider adding a resistance band. Adding the resistance band around the thighs can make many exercises more challenging including lunges, working on the elliptical, and squats. There is also less risk for injury when using exercise bands.