Although running may appear simple, it isn’t exactly easy. Running is both a mental and physical sport that requires some amount of thought before you begin. Check out a few tips for beginner runners; it all starts with the first step. 


  • Get motivated. Getting motivated is an essential part of a runner’s psyche. It’s hard to start any new hobby or sport when you have no desire to. Get motivated by making a plan and making that plan attainable. Start by running 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. From there, add on more days and longer sessions. Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable, especially when you first begin running. 
  • Get accountability. It’s far easier to stick to a new hobby when you have people holding you accountable. Try to seek out friends that can keep you accountable for running. When you feel comfortable, try seeking out a running club or group that you can exercise alongside. 
  • Reward yourself. Treat yourself to a reward immediately after you finish running. It’s essential to associate running with a positive bonus, so you can teach your brain to enjoy the experience. 
  • Start with simply moving. The goal is to get moving first and foremost. Before you get into full speed running, try just walking. Get your body into the habit of moving before you change your pace and begin running.
  • Take it slow. You don’t want to overwork your body by running too much, too quickly. Try intermixing jogging or walking with your running session to better ease your body into the task. 
  • Be consistent. The most critical part of becoming a regular runner is consistency. Running on a regular schedule creates a habit that then turns into a lifestyle. Carve out space in your weekly schedule to run, and try to keep that time for just running.


Running is a fantastic hobby to get in to. It is a process and requires more than just strapping on sneakers and going for a jog. Be patient with yourself as you go through the process of becoming a runner. Remember, it all starts with the first step.