Strength training is an integral part of a well-rounded workout. If you focus on strength training in addition to cardio, you’ll see muscle tone appear a lot more quickly and boost your metabolism in order to allow you to drop weight. However, many people do not understand how to more effectively strength train and often waste time on ineffective exercises. Here are some tips to improve your strength training and see the results you want in as little time as possible.

Focus on form

When you start out with strength training, one of the most important parts if making sure that you’re using the correct form to lift. As you read about new exercise techniques, carefully read instructions and watch videos to see the form professionals use during these workouts. Using proper form is key to avoiding injury and getting the best benefits from your workouts.

Work your abs

A lot of people focus on nearly every part of their body except their abs when it comes to strength training. While many strength training exercises also work your abs, it’s important to dedicate certain exercises to exclusively working on your abs. Find exercises that work your core and make those a part of your regular workouts.

Utilize your body weight

You do not need extravagant equipment in order to complete a quality strength training workout. Instead, utilize your own body weight and start there. You have endless options of ways to use your body weight to improve your strength, so learn how to use what you have, especially if you’re working out at home.

Keep it simple

There are lots of fancy machines and pieces of equipment that weightlifters use, but you can keep it simple. A barbell and some dumbbells are ultimately all you need as long as you understand what exercises work what parts of your body and the correct form you need to perform those exercises.

Track your workouts

As you embark on your strength training journey, keep a log of the workouts you do. If you’re working out regularly and burning through reps, writing everything down also helps you keep track of what you’re doing day to day, what weight you’re lifting, and easily see the improvements you make over periods of time.

Take it slow

Avoid straining yourself too much when you first start strength training. Many people try to take on more than they can handle, which can result in serious injury and can set back your strength training goals by weeks or months. Make sure you’re adequately warmed up and ready to lift.