The average gym membership costs around $40 to $50 a month, according to CNBC. However, millions of Americans don’t use the gym membership they are paying for. Luckily, there are five things an individual can do to make the most of their membership.

1. Stay on a schedule

Skipping workouts is one way to waste hard-earned cash on a gym membership. It’s important to come up with a time that is able to be adhered to and then commit to going. Whether it is a few days a week after work or every morning for an hour before school, putting it on the calendar will help make it stick.

2. Try out the classes

Some people prefer to go about their own way at the gym. However, different classes offer new workout techniques, and taking classes is a wonderful way to socialize with others. Yoga and Pilates classes are also a fun way to learn some new moves. Shy or nervous individuals can also grab a spot in the back until they are more confident with the instructions.

3. Enjoy the swimming pool

Many gym-goers forgo one of the best amenities of a gym- the swimming pool. Swimming is a wonderful low-impact workout that works muscles throughout the whole body. It’s great for the joints and will burn a lot of calories in one session. It’s also a very refreshing activity to start or end the day with.

4. Ask about the equipment

Too many gym members pass up equipment because they don’t know how to use it and are too embarrassed to ask. Don’t be shy! The staff is there to help gym members understand the equipment. Most gyms offer personal trainers who are more than happy to show members around, and some gyms offer a free session with a trainer after the person signs up for their membership, according to Shape.

5. Let your insurance company know

Many health insurance companies offer amazing discounts or incentives for members who do what they can to stay healthy. Some offer discounts for memberships at certain gyms and fitness centers while others offer discounts on monthly premiums.

It can be hard sticking to an exercise program, but the payoff is worth it. Living longer and staying healthy is the best trade-off that anyone could ask for!