Smart technology has made huge strides in recent years. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made smart refrigerators that can order food and beverages, home security systems that can be controlled with a touch of an app, even driverless automobiles. It seems only logical that home fitness equipment would also start getting smart as well. 

Throughout this COVID pandemic, many people have had to come up with new and inventive ways to maintain their fitness regimes from home. Some people have even looked at this period of social distancing as a time to finally make the fitness leap that they have been putting off for someday in the future. Fortunately, technology has reached the level of providing at-home smart fitness technology that caters to the homebody of today.

While it is still possible to purchase traditional workout gear such as dumbbells, and then follow along to any number of live feed broadcasts produced daily by fitness personalities, influencers, celebrities, and virtual classes provided by large-chain gyms, if a person wants to take their fitness to another level, there are now smart home fitness options to keep them in contact with a whole community and to simulate the one-on-one personal trainer experience. 

People who love to bike ride are embracing the Peloton bicycle for a number of reasons. The bike mimics the workout of a group spin class or a one-on-one session. A large touchscreen display provides options such as live and on-demand classes, as well as a library of various scenic rides that range from urban to rural. Peloton has also conquered the smart treadmill market with Peloton Tread, providing a number of routes to please any type of runner or walker.

The idea of a smart mirror sounds like something belonging to future generations years from now, but the truth is, they already exist. An LCD full-body mirror display provides a library of workouts that not only give you a personalized experience with a professional trainer, but it also lets you check your form at every step along the way. This not only helps maximize the outcome of every exercise but it also helps to avoid injury. The live adjustments based on your goals and personal preferences, combined with a personalized playlist maximize the individual experience.