Many people like to spend the winter and spring months preparing their “summer bodies,” however, the warmest time of the year is often when activity levels reach their peak. With all of the technology our world has to offer, getting in shape and maintaining fitness goals has become much easier. Here are a few of the latest pieces of tech to support an active lifestyle!



When the summer heat is too much, many people turn to the water to get their thrill and action. Trace is the perfect gadget for water sports enthusiasts! The device, which is the same size as a peanut butter cup, easily attaches to surfboards, wakeboards, water skis or any other movement vehicle. Trace allows you to see airtime and range of motion, giving a more accurate reading of activity during sports where steps aren’t being taken. As an awesome added bonus, Trace even allows you to record and edit footage directly on the device!


Finis Duo:

Those who want to jump into the pool and swim laps have always been at a disadvantage when it came to listening to music as workout motivation, until now! Finis has created an underwater MP3 player, able to play music for swimmers without the use of earbuds. With the use of a clip, the device attaches to a swimmer’s goggles where it then rests on the cheekbone! This gadget is perfect for the fishes in everyone this summer.



One of the biggest complaints users of wrist devices that track activity is their inability to accurately track all movements. Amiigo has created a solution, by giving their customers both a wrist-based tracking device and a sensor that clips to shoes. With each piece of hardware tracking different areas of the body, Amiigo gives users the ultimate fitness overview. In their own words, “Amiigo goes beyond the gym, deeper into your world of health. With the ability to track far more than steps taken and heart rate, Amiigo helps you visualize your health more holistically.”


JBL/Under Armor Wireless Heart Rate Headphones:

As if headphone technology couldn’t get more advanced than wireless, JBL and Under Armor have paired up to give athletes a headset that also tracks heart rate. During a workout, the headphones give updates on heart rate, pace, and distance. The in-ear device was recently reviewed by a Forbes contributor, who raved about their ability to functionally remain in place, compared to many competitors who fall short in such departments.

Getting moving during the summer months is never hard for most to accomplish, but the addition of technology continues to give an extra incentive. Some gadgets have their flaws while others have thrived. Finding the right one to suit individual activity goals is a great way to get going with summer fitness!