More and more people are realizing the value of fitness and staying in shape. Engaging in regular activity has a positive impact on your health and can improve your quality of life. If you’re consistently active, you’re less likely to have health issues later in life. You’ll notice more energy and feel better about yourself, along with plenty of other benefits. For some people, they just do not have the time or money to make it to the gym, but there are alternatives you can use to still stay in shape. With these fitness products, you’ll be able to get in a workout while at home.


This piece of equipment is incredibly convenient and makes it easy to work your core, focus on strength training, and raise your heart rate. Kettlebells are usually pretty affordable and you can even find some that allow you to adjust the weight. You can use a kettlebell anywhere and it’s relatively small, so it’s easy to store.

Resistance band

Another versatile piece of equipment, a resistance band can be used anywhere and is incredibly easy to take with you if you’re traveling. You can look up exercises online or find an app or video that explains what to do. With resistance bands, you can perform various strength training exercises.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is a fantastic way to increase your heart rate and do some cardio. You can find inexpensive jump ropes you can use and store anywhere, much like resistance bands. Just make sure you don’t hit anyone or anything with the rope!

Exercise mat

When you do a core workout at home, an exercise mat is an essential piece of equipment. While you could simply lay on the floor to do your workout, an exercise mat makes it easier and provides more of a grip for any exercises you need to do.


Much like a kettlebell, dumbbells are perfect for strength training exercises. You likely don’t want an entire array of dumbbells in your home, but adjustable ones are an option. For lighter exercises, dumbbells are ideal. These are also good pieces of equipment to use for exercises that may be more awkward with a kettlebell, such as bicep curls. Having both pieces of equipment is great, but you can also choose one type and get most of the same benefits.

Ab wheel

The ab wheel has gained popularity in the last couple of years. Watching people use it often seems easy enough, but if you do not have a strong core, it’s an extremely challenging exercise. If you find you cannot support yourself during these exercises, start with other core exercises and work up to it.

Foam roller

If you’re working out properly, you’ll periodically experience soreness as you work and build new muscles. Rolling can help ease the soreness and make your workouts less stressful.

Cardio equipment

You do not necessarily need to have cardio equipment in your home, but it can definitely be useful. You might like running or some other form of cardio that you can do outside, but if it gets cold there are definitely going to be days you avoid the weather. Having a basic treadmill or bicycle in your house can make cardio workouts easy and help you avoid skipping a day.