For many people, the start of a new year signifies a chance to re-establish their fitness goals and try to get stronger and healthier in the upcoming year. Whether you’ve been working on your fitness and found yourself slipping during the holidays or you just feel convicted to start working harder now, you’ll need to find ways to sustain that motivation throughout the rest of winter and into warmer months. Too many people start off strong in the new year, but then stop going to the gym and eating healthier after a month or two. Here are ways you can motivate yourself to get fit in 2019 and stick to that goal.

Pace yourself

A mistake that people often make is trying to do too much too quickly when it comes to getting fit. If you’ve had a fairly inactive lifestyle until this point, you won’t be able to immediately run several miles. Start small and test your current limits and then work up from there. You might not feel like you’re accomplishing a lot, but it’s better to start small and work up to greater milestones than discourage or even injure yourself at the beginning of your fitness journey.

Start a routine

You’ll find it’s easier to stay fit if you set a routine for yourself. At first, it’ll be difficult, but aim to workout in the morning. Set your workout clothes next to your bed so you have no excuse. You’ll find it’s easier to get a workout in first thing in the morning instead of putting it off all day. Having a regular routine of fitness helps it become a habit.

Put it in your schedule

As you’re establishing a workout routine, write it into your schedule as you would a meeting or some other obligation. If you view working out as a necessary task to do, you’re less likely to push it aside for other activities. Put a reminder on your phone’s calendar and write it down, then stick to that schedule.

Get new equipment

Whether you’re heading to a gym or working out at home, getting yourself new workout clothes or some equipment to use at home can help motivate you in your fitness journey. Even getting a new pair of sneakers can help keep you motivated to get moving. You can also use new fitness equipment as rewards for when you meet small goals.

Vary workouts

A big issue that leads to a lack of motivation with fitness is getting bored with your workout. It’s important to vary what you’re doing when it comes to exercise; do different exercises at the gym, try some workouts at home, and take different fitness classes when you have the opportunity. Go for a run along a scenic route or try kayaking in nicer weather. There are endless possibilities to work on your fitness and many of them are incredibly fun.

Focus on end results

If you feel yourself losing motivation to keep working out, keep focusing on the end results. Think of how good you’ll feel once you meet your next fitness goal. If you focus on your goals, you’ll be able to push yourself to keep going to reach those goals.