There has been extensive research done into the benefits of regular exercise on people’s health. We’ve all heard how important it is to stay active, yet it can be challenging to find time to do so. Everyone has busy schedules that get in the way of healthier habits; making regular time for the gym is one of the easiest tasks to push to the side when a more desirable activity comes up, such as going out with friends or catching up on your sleep. Maybe once you realize the many benefits exercise can have for your health, you’ll understand the importance of working out more.

Improved mood

One of the best benefits of regular exercise is that it’s a fantastic natural mood booster. If you experience a lot of stress and anxiety, exercise can help lessen those issues. It might seem counterproductive to spend time working out when you should be studying or putting in more time at work, but even half an hour at the gym helps with your mood and can leave you feeling more relaxed and focused.

Gain more energy

While intense exercise tires you out, you’ll overall feel like you have more energy. Consistent exercise can provide long term improvement in your energy levels, especially if you frequently feel tired. Even people with medical conditions that lead to fatigue have found that exercise helps their energy levels throughout the day. You do not need to spend hours exercising; simply taking a short walk can help.

Avoid weight gain

One of the main reasons people exercise, avoiding excessive weight gain is important to maintaining health. While fluctuations in weight throughout life are completely normal, putting on large amounts of weight within a short period of time or being significantly heavier than what’s ideal for your height and body type can negatively affect your health. Regular exercise helps you avoid weight gain and cuts back on the health risks that go along with an unhealthy weight.

Avoid common diseases

In general, regular exercise leads to a reduction in the risk of common diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems. While some of these risks are lowered because you’ll maintain a healthy weight through exercise, the risk for others is lowered simply because you’re active. For example, regular exercise helps your brain stay healthy and reduces your risk for diseases like dementia and regular memory loss. If you already struggle with health conditions such as high blood pressure, exercise can help reduce this problem.